about the sheep

apathetic sheep are sheep that say MEH, created by mixed media artist Tanya Doan. They were born and raised in NYC and have now flocked to Berlin.

The sheep came into being as random doodles back in 2007, then featured as a motif in some experiments with collage & image transfers on wood panel. They now converge in apathetic flocks in both analog and digital spaces, taking form in a variety of visual media amidst fields of patterns and geometry.

apathetic sheep can be found in the wild as artwork and illustration. They generally give zero f**ks, and elicit amused giggles through their absurd and half-hearted “antics”. Often, they hang out and just do their thing.


Every once in a while there will be a sheep who is not apathetic, but those are rare sightings. Most of them are...well...sheep. 

about the artist

Tanya is a mixed media artist working in digital illustration, painting, collage, and photography. She was born to Vietnamese immigrant parents in Montreal, became a naturalized American while growing up in California, then lived in NYC for over a decade as a photo editor. Tanya is now in Berlin to pursue her dreams of art and traveling.

Some additional fun facts about Tanya:


Why sheep? 

Why not?  :)

But I thought those were clouds. 

They are sheep, but one can understand why such a mixup could occur.

Do the sheep have gender?

No, they are neither "he" nor "she". Individual sheep are "it".


Is there a difference between the analog and digital sheep?

Analog apathetic sheep always have a reflective surface. They are pearlescent, and sometimes glittery or holographic as nature intended; while digital counterparts are typically flat colored pixels. The physical artworks explore more abstract concepts while the digital work tends to be a little bit more straightforward. In any case, the work takes on a light-hearted tone.

Do you take commissions?

Yes! Send any requests to meh@apatheticsheep.com

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